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3 Player Pick And Roll Combo Drill

3 Player Pick And Roll Combo Drill

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Improve your team's pick and roll game with our "3 Player Pick And Roll Combo Drill." Designed to enhance coordination and finishing options for 3-player setups, this drill pack is perfect for developing seamless teamwork and versatile offensive strategies.


📈 Improve team coordination with dynamic 3-player drills

🎯 Master pick and roll variations for guards and bigs

🏀 Enhance finishing options: dunks, baseline drives, and corner shots

🎥 Includes detailed PDF and video tutorials

💡 Efficient drills with no wasted movements (finishing options for every player in each repetition)

🔥 Take your team's pick and roll to the next level today! 🚀

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Comprehensive 3-Player Drill Pack

Our "3 Player Pick And Roll Combo Drill" focuses on maximizing offensive efficiency and teamwork. This pack includes three main drills, each with multiple options to ensure every player is engaged and improving their skills.

Drill 1 - Pick and Roll Options:

Option 1: Side pick, pocket pass, roll dunk

Option 2: Handoff, pick, elbow shot

Option 3: Seal, baseline drive

Drill 2 - Short Roll + Baseline Cut Options:

Option 1: Top pick, short roll, baseline cut

Option 2: Short roll, drive baseline

Option 3: Drive, elbow shot

Drill 3 - Short Roll + Corner 3p:

Option 1: Top pick, short roll, corner 3p shot

Option 2: Short roll, fake pass, elbow shot

Option 3: Drive wide, 3p shot

With over 20 unique finishing scenarios, your players (two guards and one big) will practice all possible 3-man combinations, ensuring a comprehensive development of their pick and roll strategies. Each drill is designed for maximum efficiency, guaranteeing no wasted movements and optimal skill enhancement.

Don't miss out! Boost your team's pick and roll proficiency with our "3 Player Pick And Roll Combo Drill." Get started now! 🌟

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