• Professional Basketball Coach

    Professional Basketball Coach

Dusan Petrovic

Inspiring Leader and Mentor

Dusan Petrovic is an esteemed basketball coach and co-founder of Hoop Mentality. With a wealth of coaching experience and a deep passion for the game, Dusan has established himself as a respected figure in the basketball community. His strategic mindset, dedication to player development, and commitment to excellence have made him a trusted mentor for athletes at all levels.

  • On-Court Excellence

    On-Court Excellence

Success Through Skills and Strategy

As a basketball coach, Dusan Petrovic has built a remarkable reputation for his on-court abilities. With a keen understanding of the game and a strategic mindset, he has guided teams to numerous championships and medals throughout his coaching career. Dusan’s emphasis on skill development and tactical execution has proven instrumental in achieving success on the court. His ability to analyze opponents, make effective in-game adjustments, and optimize player performance has resulted in a track record of victories. Through his extensive experience and dedication, Dusan Petrovic exemplifies the qualities that fellow coaches and players admire and seek to emulate.

  • Beyond the Court

    Beyond the Court

A Leader Building Strong Relationships

Dusan Petrovic’s influence extends far beyond the basketball court. Known for his charismatic leadership and unwavering dedication, he fosters a culture of growth and excellence among his players and coaching staff. Dusan’s exceptional interpersonal skills and genuine passion for the game allow him to establish strong and meaningful relationships with everyone involved in the team, from players to coaches and staff members. His ability to motivate and inspire individuals to reach their full potential is a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities. 

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Coaching Experience

2005-2014: Head Coach of various youth teams at BC Dok (multiple medals in international tournaments).

2014-2015: Founder and Director of BC IBC Belgrade.

2015-2016: Head Coach of CSM Oradea, Romania U13 team (5th place in the final 8 tournament of Romania).

2016-2017: Head Coach of BC Vizura U15 team (Qualified to semifinal tournament of Serbia) (1st place on International tournament in Bologna, Italy).

2017-2018: Head Coach of BC Vizura U19 and Senior team (3rd place in First league of Belgrade with Junior team and in the middle of the table with the same team in seniors competition), 1st place on the international IBC tournament in Belgrade, Assistant Coach of BC Vizura U17 team, Head Coach of Basketball Academy Vizura.

2018-2019: Head Coach of BC Vizura Belgrade U17 team (4th in Triglav Serbian league), Head Coordinator of Basketball Academy Vizura.

2019-2020: Head Coach of BC Dynamic Vip Pay U19 team (4th in RODA Serbian league), Assistant Coach for the U17 team with Coach Saša Nikitović.

2020-2021: Head Coach of BC Dynamic Vip Pay U17 and U19 team (3rd place in TRIGLAV U17 Serbian league, 3rd place in RODA U19 Serbian league).

2021-2022: Individual Practices and Player Development.

2022-2023: Head Coach and Head Scout at BC Slodes Beograd in the Second Serbian Basketball League (Seniors) – Qualified for the playoffs with the youngest team in the league (average age 19.9).

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We have collaborated for years, achieving remarkable success in coaching. Despite our youth, our coaching journey is marked by notable accomplishments that showcase our dedication and expertise in basketball.

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