• Our Mission

    Our Mission

We Inspire Coaching Excellence Together

At Hoop Mentality, we’re dedicated to empowering coaches by providing the resources and support we wished we had when starting our own careers. Join us in our mission to elevate coaching excellence and foster a community where coaches thrive together.

  • Our Story

    Our Story

Driven by Passion, Guided by Experience

As the founders of Hoop Mentality, our journey is deeply rooted in a passion for basketball and a commitment to supporting coaches worldwide. With years of collective experience in the game, we understand the challenges coaches face firsthand. Our mission is to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement by providing the resources and community support we wish we had when starting out. Every step we take is driven by our dedication to empowering coaches and fostering excellence in the basketball community.

  • Our Coaches

    Our Coaches

Meet the Founders

Meet the dynamic duo behind Hoop Mentality. With rich backgrounds in basketball coaching and a shared commitment to excellence, they bring unparalleled expertise and passion to our community.

Dusan Petrovic

Dusan Petrovic

Basketball Coach

Dusan, a renowned basketball coach, has mentored players at various levels, specializing in refining skills and optimizing performance. His innovative training methods and attention to detail have empowered his players to excel.

Dejan Ilic

Dejan Ilic

Basketball Coach

Dejan, with years in the basketball industry, is a highly respected coach known for his strategic mindset and player inspiration. His infectious passion drives individuals to unlock their full potential, on and off the court, guiding them to success.


See us in Action

We have collaborated for years, achieving remarkable success in coaching. Despite our youth, our coaching journey is marked by notable accomplishments that showcase our dedication and expertise in basketball.

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Exclusive Community-Driven Coaching Resources!

Join our exclusive coaching community to access a wealth of valuable resources and insights curated for your success on the court. Elevate your coaching skills and gain access to shared experiences, strategies, and support from fellow coaches, paving the way for continuous growth and achievement.

Your go-to platform for basketball coaching resources, offering community-driven insights and premium content to elevate your coaching skills.

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